21 February 2014

February and March

I'm a little behind with updating for the latest book.

In February we read Gilead by Marilynne Robinson. As he comes to the end of his life, Reverend John Ames begins a rambling letter to his young son, describing his both his life and his hopes for his family after he has gone.

In March, we are going to discuss Boxer Beetle by Ned Beauman.

The rather enigmatic blurb states:

"This is a novel for people with breeding.

Only people with the right genes and the wrong impulses will find its marriage of bold ideas and deplorable characters irresistible. It is a novel that engages the mind while satisfying those that crave the thrill of a chase.

There are riots and sex. There is love and murder. There is Darwinism and Fascism, nightclubs, invented languages and the dangerous bravado of youth. And there are lots of beetles.

It is clever. It is distinctive. It is entertaining.We hope you are too."

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